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Be a TV Star. How to Get on Reality TV

At RealityTVStar.com, we understand the desire to be famous and we want to help you in making your dreams of becoming a reality TV star come true. RealityTVStar.com can make you a reality TV star in three different ways!

image descriptionBe the Star of your own reality show. Send in your ‘sizzle reel’ video!
image descriptionGet cast in a reality TV series. We’ll help you get cast in a current TV series.
image descriptionSubmit your video clip and if we like it, we’ll pay you $1,000 per video clip!

In addition, we give you all of the information that you need on the latest reality TV show casting calls. We tell you how you can audition and how to increase your chances of being cast. With our vast information on reality show casting as well as the opportunity to send in casting videos to our producers and other casting directors, you will quickly be on your way to making your stardom a reality!

If you believe you have the talent that it takes to interest an audience and keep them entertained, then reality TV may be for you. Countless people, like the Kardashians, the Pawn Stars and Bethenny Frankel have become major TV stars in making tons of money from fees, personal appearances and product endorsements. Start off with auditioning for one reality show casting and you can be on your way!

At RealityTVStar.com, we believe that everyone should have a chance at fame and fortune. It's all about living the American dream and seeing your name in lights!

With RealityTVStar.com, you have the chance to become a reality TV star. You will be able to have your video viewed by our team of producers and possibly get your own reality TV show. Through this site, you have the opportunity to audition for reality TV show castings and have way more than your fifteen minutes of fame!

For more information, visit our How it Works page or Sign Up today with our free membership!

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